Native Instruments Maschine MK2 Custom Kit Smoke Graphite


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Make your MASCHINE match your style. With the MASCHINE CUSTOM KITS, you can customise the new MASCHINE hardware to suit your own taste. Made of light but resilient aluminium, and available in five coordinated colour schemes, each kit contains a magnetic faceplate and one set of corresponding, ergonomically-designed coloured knobs. Alongside your hardware’s multicolour pads, the MASCHINE CUSTOM KIT is sure to add some colour to your performance.

Each CUSTOM KIT contains:

  • 1 magnetic faceplate, made of brushed aluminium with a high-quality, gig-proof finish
  • 8 aluminium encoder knobs and 1 master knob
  • Cap remover

Note that MASCHINE CUSTOM KITS can ONLY be used with the MASCHINE MK2 hardware (black or white edition).

Transform your MASCHINE in just a few seconds. Remove the knobs with the included cap remover, take off your current black or silver faceplate, and swap in the new coloured one. Its magnetised underside ensures the faceplate sits tightly and securely to your MASCHINE. Then simply add the new matching knobs to the faceplate, and your newly transformed MASCHINE is ready to rock.

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