Service Department


Here at Modern Musician we want to help you keep your guitars in top playing condition and we are pleased to offer the following services to help you do exactly that:


Includes: Remove strings, oil fingerboard, fit new strings and tune to pitch. (Must be same string gauges and tuning. Otherwise see full setup)

  • 6/7/8 String Fixed Bridge                                Strings + $25
  • 12 String, Mandolin & Banjo                           Strings + $50
  • Bass                                                                Strings + $25 
  • Ukulele                                                            Strings + $25
  • Locking & Non-locking Floating Bridge          Strings + $50


Includes: Remove strings, oil & clean fingerboard, polish frets, fit new strings, tune to pitch, set action, truss rod adjustment, intonate, tighten machine heads and bridge, pick-up height adjustment, body & neck clean.

  • 6/7/8 String Fixed Bridge                                       Strings + $50
  • 12 String, Mandolin & Banjo                                  Strings + $75
  • Bass                                                                      Strings + $50
  • Locking & Non-locking Floating Bridge                 Strings + $75


  • Replacing output jack                                             $20 + parts
  • Install strap button                                                  $15 inc parts ($25 p/pair)
  • Fret Dress/Level (includes full setup)                     $150 + strings of your choice

An hourly rate is charged for the following services

  • Fret dress & level (includes full setup)
  • Pick-up installation (fits into existing cavity)
  • Supply and install replacement hardware
  • Supply and install replacement electronic components
  • Measuring, sourcing & installing Graphtech nuts & bridge saddles
  • Blocking off floating tremolo systems


Service work is charged at $50 p/h, in 30 minute blocks (minimum charge $25)

An “express” surcharge of 100% for urgent jobs – subject to availability

Please Note:   It is workshop policy that any replacement parts required are to be paid in full prior to installation

If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to email for more information.

Due to confined workshop space and equipment we are unfortunately unable to offer the following services at this time:

  • Wood repairs (cracks, breaks etc)
  • Painting/lacquer/finish repairs
  • Re-fretting lacquered finger boards

Custom Cabling

We are proud to offer Tasmania’s only custom cable fabrication, using only the finest connectors by Neutrik & Switchcraft, and premium cabling by Canare, Belden & Eurocable.

Common cable configurations are priced as follows, but any combination of connectors is possible. Any specialized pin-out requirements can be catered to, and must be made clear via email. All custom cabling must be paid in full prior to build

1 x metre XLR – XLR $30 (add $3.5 per additional metre)

1 x metre mono jack – mono jack $30 (add $6.50 per additional metre)

1 x metre speakon – speakon $40 (add $3.50 per additional metre)

1 x metre speakon – mono $35 (add $3.50 per additional metre)

1 x metre balanced jack – balanced jack $30 (add $3.50 per additional metre)


Right angled connectors, coloured ID rings & boots and other connector types available – email us at for pricing.