Service Department


Here at Modern Musician we boast a highly skilled & experienced guitar & fretted instrument technician, covering everything from simple restrings, hardware retrofits, complex wiring modifications to minor fretwork.



Our basic restring service includes replacing existing strings with similar gauge new strings. Service does not include truss rod or any other adjustments.

Due to the nature of the beast, basic restring service is not offered for instruments with complex or double locking systems.

  • Remove old strings,
  • Oil fingerboard (if applicable)
  • Install new strings
  • Tune to pitch

GENERAL SETUP $77  - Double Locking Tremolo System: $132 + YOUR CHOICE OF STRINGS

Our setup work is fractions-of-a-millimeter perfect, and every setup includes a record of your vital measurements for future reference.


  • Remove old strings,
  • Clean & oil fingerboard,
  • Polish frets
  • Fit new strings
  • Tune to pitch
  • Truss rod adjustment
  • Test & adjust nut height
  • Set action
  • Intonate
  • Test & adjust pickup height
  • Electronics tested & cleaned
  • Tighten screws & clean hardware
  • Body clean
  • Custom spec card of the measurements of your setup
  • Condition report

Fretwork beyond fret polish is not included.


We are masters of pickup installation & electronic modifications, and proudly stock the finest components available, being:

  • Jacks by Switchcraft
  • Potentiometers by CTS & Bourns
  • Orange Drop capacitors by Sprague
  • CRL & Oak Grigsby Blade Switches
  • Switchcraft Toggle switches
  • Pickups by DiMarzio, Seymour Duncan, EMG, Fishman, LR Baggs and K&K

Other Guitar Services

All other services offered are billed at $77 per hour in 30-minute increments.

Other services offered include:

  • Fingerboard nut replacement (Graphtech TUSQ or bone)
  • Acoustic Guitar Saddle Replacement (Graphtech TUSQ or bone)
  • Pickup installation 
  • Electronic modifications
  • Replacing output jack
  • Strap button & strap lock installation         
  • Hardware supply & installation (tuners, bridges, etc)                      
  • Blocking off floating bridges

Priority Job Rate

We understand that sometimes you need a quick turnaround, so if you need to jump the queue, we offer our priority job rate, which will see your job become next-on-bench.

Due to the nature of this, the work will be billed at double the normal rate 


Due to confined workshop space and equipment, at this time we are unable to offer the following services:

  • Wood repairs (body cracks, headstock breaks etc) or routing
  • Refretting (partial or complete)
  • Paint/lacquer/finish repairs        

Please note:

Due to WHS requirements, we reserve the right to refuse any items that may pose a health risk to staff members (e.g. blood on instruments)


Custom Cabling

We make killer cables.

Using only the finest connectors by Neutrik & Switchcraft, and premium cabling by Canare, Belden, Mogami & Eurocable, we can build any configuration you can dream up.

Any specialized pin-out requirements can be catered to, and must be made clear at the time of placing your order.

Termination is charged at $10 per connector, with a minimum charge of $20 (two connectors).

Large orders are billed in 30-minute blocks at $77 per hour inclusive of GST.


Pedal Board Builds

We offer custom pedal board layout, cabling and routing, and advanced problem solving.

BYO board, pedals, power & cabling OR let us spec & supply the best tools for the job.

All pedal board design spec & build work is billed in 30 minute blocks at $77 per hour inclusive of GST.


Drum Workshop

We stock a massive range of drums heads, wires & parts to get you out of a pickle, and can quickly identify & source aftermarket and official manufacturer parts to ensure you can maintain peak performance of your kit.

  • Drum head fit & tune
  • Snare wire install
  • Spec, source & install replacement parts

Electronic Repairs & Servicing

Whilst we do not offer in-store servicing of electronics, we do offer a free of charge booking and drop off location for Amptune.

  • Vacuum tube installation and biasing
  • Repair & servicing of amplifiers, effects, PA equipment and other novelties
  • Vintage restoration and modification
  • Test & tagging
  • Insurance assessment

Please note: after booking is complete, all correspondence should be directed to:


Greg Burns 0418 302 713