Studio 19

Studio 19 at Modern Musician

Studio 19 at Modern Musician

How does it work?

Try it at home with Studio 19.

Really? You can rent musical instruments and tech equipment? We hear that question all the time.

People are usually taken aback when they discover that most of our products are available to rent with Studio 19. Enjoy the flexibility of exploring your passion with Studio 19 by renting what you want, testing it out, deciding if you love it and either applying to buy at any time or simply returning after six months (minimum rental period).

Renting through Studio 19 is available online at Modern Musician for customers with orders exceeding a total spend of $750 or higher*.

*Some items, including acoustic pianos and software cannot be rented.

It's never been easier to get what you want at Modern Musician!

Studio 19 Points

Studio 19 Points

Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions apply.

For more information. on how the rental process works, visit the Studio 19 website.

Please note: Inclusion of a product on this advertisement does not guarantee stock availability. Pricing is subject to change, but is accurate at time of publishing. - 28/07/22