Demo Brass & Woodwind Mouthpieces

Our resident Brass and Woodwind expert Lee has painstakingly put together a range of demo mouthpieces for our customers to try out! She has drawn from her own experience and recommendations from her industry peers to create a selection that should satisfy players of almost any style and level. Now we can help you decide how you want to upgrade your sound!

We know that in our beautiful island state, brass and woodwind retailers are in short supply and it can be quite difficult for players to discover their mouthpiece preferences with any real certainty. It is with this exact problem in mind that we are proud to offer you this solution, free of charge.

Our selection is based on the best-selling mouthpieces from leading brands, but if you feel there is a mouthpiece that needs to be added, feel free to let us know, and we can look into adding it!

Lee is available in-store from 2:30pm to 5:30pm every Monday, Tuesday and Friday to help you find the right fit.