Education Department

Your Dedicated Music Education Liaison

Meet Thomas - our dedicated music education specialist.

With years of experience in teaching & tuition, along with solo, ensemble, and band performance, he understands the unique challenges faced by music educators.

He's here to help support your music programs, prepare quotes and proposals, facilitate repairs & maintenance, recommend equipment and system solutions, and access our many assets and resources.

Payment Terms & Ease of Ordering

We offer 30-day invoice terms to approved schools, community bands, organisations, and associations.
Get in touch today to enquire if you're eligible, and apply!

Once approved, we're happy to work with your unique conditions to supply, be it with a purchase order, via email or short-notice in-store ordering.

Primary to Tertiary Knowledge & Support

We support and supply everything from classroom instruments for primary school to university-level instruments and audio equipment.

As your local retailer, we can offer local warranty support. In the event of something not working, you can get a face to face appraisal and updates on your warranty!

Free Delivery & Same-Day Delivery Options

We provide free of charge delivery to schools and organisations across Tasmania (minimum order values apply).

We can also provide same-day delivery across the greater Hobart area via Rocketeer for those urgent, forgotten and last-minute requests. (additional charges apply).

Repairs & Maintenance

We can recommend or facilitate warranty & routine maintenance on all instruments and equipment, be it a grand piano, clarinet, guitar, amplifier, or keyboard.

Community Band & Event Support

We love to be involved at any opportunity with eisteddfods, performances, reading nights, camps, or workshops - providing prizes, giveaways, and more. 

Get in touch to let us know about your upcoming events, and opportunities to get involved.


Brass & Woodwind

We carry brass & woodwind instruments from Yamaha, Bach, Selmer, Pearl, Schagerl, and more. We can request additional models from manufacturers for you to inspect and play prior to ordering, just get in touch (subject to availability).

You can find all the essentials & accessories you need in-store, from reeds, mouthpieces, harnesses, lubricants, sterilization, stands cases, and more, from all the brands that you'd expect.

Small orders can be filled the same day, and large orders within a week (pending stock availability).

Brass & Woodwind demo mouthpieces

We also offer a free set of demo mouthpieces for those looking to upgrade their sound. Make an appointment, audition your selections, and make an informed decision on how you or your students can get a new mouthpiece with confidence. You can browse our range and make an appointment here.

Guitars & Ukuleles

Our team of guitar specialists is here to support you, help you find the best fit for your purpose, and recommend low maintenance and cost-effective options to help you get the most out of your budget.

With instruments, amplifiers, essentials & accessories from Yamaha, Roland, Ibanez, Gibson, Epiphone, Taylor, Cole Clark, PRS, Marshall, BOSS, Vox, and more, we've got solutions for all budgets and purposes.

Ukuleles from Kala, Alvarez & Mahalo cover all budgets and levels, along with tuners, cases, strings, and more.

Drums & Percussion

We carry a huge range of electric & acoustic drum kits, cymbals, heads, sticks & hardware to keep your existing kits running and add to your existing programs.

We have an extensive resource for spare parts to assist longevity with your current assets, and can recommend low-cost or upgrade options if replacement is required.

Orchestral strings & percussion

We can help with all of your orchestral string programs, be it violin, viola, cello or double bass, at all budgets and levels.

We also supply timpani, marimba, concert toms, glockenspiel, vibraphones and more, from Yamaha, Musser, Majestic and more.

Print, manuscript & band charts

Did you know that we're Tasmania's biggest print music & band chart supplier?

We work in conjunction with Australia's many publishers and distributors to source anything and everything.

We often request consignment & sale-or-return print to support reading days/nights and allow you to see and hear the charts before committing. We can also organize print to be delivered directly from the warehouse to your school (additional delivery charges apply) and can facilitate next-business-day delivery for many titles.

Music stands, furniture & storage

We supply music stands, rests, furniture & instrument storage solutions from Wenger, Manhasset, Hercules and more.

Get in touch with your requirements today!

Digital pianos

Modern Musician has many of the world’s most popular digital pianos, including brands such as Yamaha, Roland, Korg and more!

Whether you’re looking to get some pianos for a class set, or a furniture piano to help direct the class choir rehearsal, we can help you out.

Keyboards & synthesizers

We carry an extensive range of keyboards, synthesizers and midi controllers for all levels of musician from beginners to professional. With brands such as Nord, Roland, Yamaha, Arturia, Korg, Moog and more, we can help you create any sound you desire - or simply give you an amazing keyboard for live gigs!

Music Technology & Studio Equipment

We supply recording equipment and music production tools to schools across Tasmania, and are proud to be UTAS' supply partner for their senior secondary Music Technology outreach program.

We can help you with setting up a recording studio on a shoestring, through to fully professional studio systems, and everything along the way. Audio interfaces, software, MIDI controllers, studio monitors, microphones, outboard, stand-alone recorders and pretty much anything you can dream up.

Live audio, lighting & theatre

Our live audio selection offers a comprehensive range of speakers, subwoofers, stands and lighting arrays for many applications.

From setting up for an assembly or a sports carnival, or even lighting for the school dance, we can help your school sound and look its best, without spending your budget in a single purchase.

Classroom music & percussion

We supply classroom instruments and percussion for all budgets, programs and levels. For Orff programs or primary school percussion groups, we have access to instruments that will enable you to teach your best.

Instrument Appraisals

In our modern world with often too many competing brands, it can be difficult to figure out which brands and models to pick for your school. Working with our national distributors, we can arrange to have the models you’re considering sent down for you to audition! Get in touch with what you’re looking for and we can suggest solutions for you today.

Our education specialist can be reached at or 03 6234 5537 ext 2. If you would like to talk about how we can help or book a visit to have us come to you and recommend the best options for your program, feel free to reach out!