Latin Percussion LP1621 Sound Enhancer Jingle


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More than ever, drummers are experimenting with new and unique sounds. LP’s new Sound Enhancers effortlessly attach to any flanged counter hoop to offer more sonic possibilities, instantly. 

LP Sound Enhancers come in three unique styles; the Jingle produces a bright, cutting tambourine sound. Use the Shaker to sprinkle in a subtle rain-like dynamic and snap on the Snare to infuse some sizzle into any drum in your set-up. Patent Pending.

Instantly adds a new sound element to nearly any drum
• Three distinctive sounds: Jingle, Snare and Shaker
• Quickly clips on and off almost any drum with a flanged hoop* including toms, snare drums and timbales
• Strong, magnetic mount keeps it firmly in position
• Small and lightweight, yet very durable
• Patent pending
* Not designed for use with die cast hoops

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